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"We sit on cowslip banks, hear the birds sing, and possess ourselves in as much quietness as these silent silver streams, which we now see glide so quietly by us"

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Its Spring....... get out there!

Now, the die hard traditionalists will be at home sorting their tackle ready for a June 16th start.

Personally I will be (at least for the next three months) angling for tench on the local home water that I bailiff then come the 16th I will more than likely head back to the Gt Ouse trying my wits against the getting more elusive barbel.

It's a shame really as I remember in years gone by the buzz the three month lay off created and all the preparation that went with it... cleaning the tackle down, re-spooling reels and thinking about baiting strategies, along with this there was also the recce trips around lakes and local canals.

It now seems however that the months between March and June can't be missed and are classed as one of the best times of the angling season to put that maybe fish of a lifetime on the bank.

In my eyes, spring is the time of year that things start to wake up after the long winters that we now receive. Not only the fish, but the trees, flowers, birds and the dreaded mozzies! Longer days, misty mornings and glorious sunrises all add to the spice that is angling.

Come the 15th of June I will buzz with anticipation once again as the urge of running water takes over but until then I will enjoy the spring and do my best to outplay our scaly friends.